I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter. – Walt Disney

Just two short months ago, our economy was humming along quite nicely, people didn’t have to perform a job search. For many people, the job found them. At the time, we were sitting at historic unemployment lows, high employment participation rates, and stiff competition for top talent. Today, times have changed. We now sit at almost 440,000 Floridians unemployed, with the state of Florida losing almost 37,000 jobs last month by itself. There is a new job search reality we need to face. How you approach your job search when you get back to work can make a difference in how quickly you get back to work.

It Is Now An Employer Market

Today the competition for jobs is going to be very stiff. Due to the economic catastrophe businesses have had to operate under, the flexibility job candidates saw just a few short months ago will have disappeared. To be successful today, job seekers will need to realize that the tables have turned back toward the employers. They will need to reinvent their resumes and reposition their value propositions to fit the needs of the role. It would not be recommended to approach businesses with the same demands or requirements you may have been looking for just two short months ago. The job market has changed.

Changes In Interviewing

Because of the overwhelming fear and trepidation in our society, interviewing will likely be evolving. Expect more video and phone interviews going forward. As a job seeker, you will really need to practice your listening skills as we get back to the hiring process. Many people rely on body language to determine if they are giving the interviewer the answers they are looking for. This becomes much more difficult in a video or phone situation. You just don’t get the same sense of what the other person is thinking. Practicing your listening skills, speaking clearly and concisely, and finding locations with the best cell coverage, if you don’t have a home phone, will be extremely important.

Follow Up

In the last few years when the competition has raged between companies for top talent, what has been forgotten somewhat is the art of the follow up after an interview. Businesses and people moved so quickly, that often times follow up didn’t happen as it wasn’t needed. Today, I suspect, that will change back to our normal ways of doing things. Personally, I still recommend a handwritten thank you note, because who receives mail anymore besides bills? An email is fine as well, but if your goal as a job candidate is to stand out, I will tell you a handwritten note is better in my opinion.

While competition will be fierce for jobs, if you are good at what you do, I would still say now is a great time to at least open your mind to a new position. In some ways, today is a reset in our economy. Everyone will have had time to reflect on their careers, companies, and positions to determine if their career is where they want it to be. For the right candidates, there is still a great opportunity for career growth or a new beginning. Life is a complex matter, don’t sit back and wait. Take control of your career and go after the growth you want to have. Now is the time to invest in yourself. For more articles like this, please go to

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