If you are looking for a job today in the Tampa Bay region, you are not alone. So what can you do to get noticed and stand out in a crowd of other applicants? To answer that question, there are some simple steps I would encourage all job seekers to pay attention to today!

Be Yourself

First and foremost, be yourself. Don’t try to be something you aren’t. Go after positions and Tampa Bay based companies that truly interest you. Skills AND culture matter when a company is looking to hire you. The fit needs to be right both ways. Without question, due to Covid-19, we are now in a company based economy, where hiring managers are going to have options between many different candidates. While you don’t want to be too inflexible, at the same time, don’t sell yourself short. Know who you are, trust in your skills, believe in yourself.

Remember The Goal Of The Resume

Please don’t think your resume is going to get you the job.  The resume is just a tool to spark enough interest to get the hiring manager to interview you. Your interviewing skills are what will get you the job. Having said that, you do want a detail-oriented and grammatically correct resume that can be tailored to fit the needs of the role you are applying for. Give the hiring manager the important and tangible accomplishments of your career. But don’t feel like you have to list everything out. Too much information on your resume can sometimes be the reason you didn’t get the interview. Your resume will only show you are qualified. It’s your interview that will get you the role you seek.

Times Have Changed

Just 2 short months ago, our unemployment rate for Florida was around 4.3%. The most recent data for Tampa Bay has our unemployment rate at 13.1%.  I know I am being captain obvious, but that is quite a spike.  1.2 million people in Florida have lost their job in the last two months. Regardless if you are employed today or not, these numbers won’t drop quickly. Expect more competition when you enter the market for a new job.  Additionally, the vast majority of businesses in our Tampa Bay region are small businesses and most have lost revenue during Covid-19. I would not expect the same perks or flexibility you would have seen earlier this year. Be realistic in your requirements.

Get Noticed The Right Way

I may be old school, but I am not a fan of personal photos on resumes or oversized resumes or colorful designs. If that captures my attention, it’s usually not for the right reasons.  For me, I want to see a very concise resume that can show me how you can potentially be successful in the role. Give me details, give me facts, give me something specific to the role that I can remember. I want to know if you were 200% of goal in the last 3 quarters, or you designed a marketing campaign that increased website clicks by 75%. Give me hard data. That’s when you stand out.

Tampa Bay is no different than the rest of the United States right now, we are in a difficult economic situation. The individuals who will see the smallest bump in the road for their careers will be the ones who are able to rise above the crowd and stand out. That will start with your resume, it will be followed up with your interviewing skills, and finally, it will conclude with your adaptability to the new hiring environment we are in.  We know this is a tough time for many people in the Tampa Bay region and we want to see everyone get employed as quickly as possible as our economy begins to reopen. To learn more about PrideStaff St. Pete Clearwater, please continue to visit us at

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