The COVID-19 crisis has posed some unprecedented economic, political, and social challenges to the global population. At the same time, it has provided us with some valuable lessons.

Many employers, for example, have been hit particularly hard by the onset of the pandemic. Over the past few months, millions of businesses across the United States have been forced to either halt operations entirely or haphazardly transition to a distributed workforce model. In many cases, these sudden changes have had devastating short-term consequences. But as we look towards the future, employers are beginning to draw some important lessons from the trials and tribulations they’ve faced during COVID-19.

Three Valuable Lessons Employers Can Draw from COVID-19

It’s an understatement to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed virtually everything we had come to call “normal” in the business world. But as it’s often said, every crisis is also an opportunity. In other words, the pandemic that we’re currently in the grips of has taught business leaders valuable lessons about what the future of work might look like.

Here are three such lessons to be aware of:

  • It pays to offer your employees flexible work options. For obvious reasons, those employers who had already offered their employees the opportunity to work remotely had an easier time transitioning to a remote workforce model once the pandemic set in. Even before that, it was evident that remote work was going to be the future of work. In light of that, it appears to be virtually certain that offering flexible work options will continue to become a vital perk to include in employee benefits packages.
  • Policies should be in place to ensure that sick employees always stay home. In the early days of the pandemic, COVID-19 spread rampantly through office buildings due to lax policies pertaining to when an employee should be required to stay home. By now, of course, most employers have learned the hard lesson that allowing an employee who has even mild symptoms of sickness to come into work jeopardizes the health and welfare of their entire staff.
  • Communication is key. Before the COVID-19 crisis, the MO of many employers was to communicate with their employees only if and when circumstances demanded it (during a company-wide emergency, for example). Since the onset of the pandemic, however, most employers have come to understand that navigating a team through a crisis requires clear, careful, and consistent communication. Even when the crisis has passed, this valuable lesson can bring huge benefits to any workplace.

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