When searching for a new employee, you need to consider several things, and it can be stressful. You have to decide what is most important to you as an employer and what skills are absolutely necessary for the job. These are some tell-tale signs that can help you tell if a candidate is a top performer.

Won’t Necessarily Be a Perfect Match

Top performers aren’t always a perfect match for the job they are interviewing for. This is because they are striving to make career moves. So, unless they are interviewing for the same role they were in previously, they may not seem to check all the boxes. However, they can still be the most qualified for the position once you know more about their experience and career goals.

Have Large Responsibilities

When you are looking for a top performer, you should look for someone who attempts to take on more responsibility in the workplace. They are usually working on displaying their drive and ambition to their employer. Top performers are also more likely to step outside of their comfort zone and are more comfortable with failure than most. If something doesn’t go right, they take a lesson and keep moving forward.

Know Their Own Strengths and Weaknesses

Another thing to look for in a top performer is self-awareness. People who perform at a higher level in the workplace are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. This is because they actively seek feedback about their performance and work to improve themselves. They also hold themselves accountable for their own engagement in the workplace. When you ask them about their strengths and weaknesses in an interview setting, they will have a clear answer. The top performers will be transparent about weaknesses and how they hope to grow in their careers.

Knowledge of What They Bring to the Table

Knowing their strengths and weaknesses also allows them to truly know what they bring to the table. Top performers know how their work affects the entire team and company at large. They are also knowledgeable about how they have driven growth in past positions. When interviewing a candidate, a top performer can provide information on how they left a role better off than they started.

Respected vs. Liked

During the interview process, top performers are not always the most liked. Instead of interviewing people you like, interview people and consider how well-respected they are in the industry. If likeability is overweighed in the decision-making process, it could distinguish between hiring a top performer or just a good hire.

Cognizant of Future Trends

Lastly, top performers are more likely to dabble in the future of the industry. This means they are usually educating themselves on future trends and focus on developing new skills. Usually, they will have their sights set on the future and what they can do to succeed in getting there in their own career. These people can help move your company forward in your respective industry.

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