The cost of a bad hire can be detrimental to a business. It can cost your organization up to a full year’s annual salary for the given position. You can do some things to ensure that your new hire becomes a great employee during the onboarding process. Here are some tips to help set them up for success.  

Be Prepared for the First Day

Have a checklist of things your new hires need to do on or before their first day. For example, there is normally a lot of paperwork or training materials to complete. Create a to-do list for them and have everything they need to complete these tasks ready for them on their first day. It is a good idea to have their workspace set up, passwords updated and ready, and show them you are organized. You may cause them to lose interest in the job if you are unprepared.  


Many new hires will consider leaving a job if they feel their managers don’t listen to them. Make them feel like they are part of the team and inquire about what they think regularly. This way, they will be more comfortable sharing ideas. Your new hires can be a great source of innovation.  

Don’t Put Too Much on Their Plate

Another big mistake employers make with new hires is giving them too much to do too fast. While it is good to assign some tasks on their first day, don’t overdo it. Giving them too much to do off the bat can be overwhelming and hurt their morale.  

Thoroughly Explain the Mission 

Employees who have a sense of purpose perform better on the job. Take the time to explain your company’s mission and how their work will help contribute. This can provide motivation for them to be a great employee.  

Develop a Rewards System

Sometimes, a rewards system can help push new employees to hit the ground running. For instance, if your business is centered around sales, offer them a bonus for hitting a certain number within their first month. These kinds of rewards can help motivate new and current employees to do their best. 

Implement a Buddy System

It is a great idea to assign your new hire a work buddy. This gives your new hire someone they can go to with questions they may not feel comfortable approaching management about. Relationships with mentors within the company will also promote development and growth for your new employee.  

Be Consistent With Hours 

Don’t keep changing their hours. If you don’t offer flexible scheduling for your team, it is important to stick to consistent hours. When their schedule is all over the place, they may not feel like they can get a proper work-life balance. If you need to change their schedule, be sure to check with them and ensure it won’t cause too much trouble.  

Stay Present

Be present as an employer and manager. Set up regular meetings with your new hires so you can check in with them and see how they are adjusting. Make sure they know how to best communicate with you and let them know you are available to assist them. This will keep you in the loop about how your employees are performing and improve morale in the workplace overall.  

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