Becoming a manager is a huge step in your career. Usually, it is the first time you get to establish yourself as a leader in the workplace and maybe even in the industry. While you have the skills and experience that set you up to receive such a position, there are some things every first-time manager needs to learn. Here are five essential things to add to your to-do.

Find a Mentor

There is no manual for becoming a manager. Well, there probably are some management manuals at the company you are working for, but they won’t outline everything you need to know. Maybe one of your employees is underperforming, or someone on your team wants a promotion that isn’t possible at this time. No matter what you are dealing with, chances are, someone else has dealt with it before. Find yourself a mentor with whom you can discuss confidential professional matters as they come up. They can give you insight into how to manage the situation best.

Shift Your Professional Focus

Now that you’ve been promoted to a management position, the focus is no longer on you and the tasks you complete. Instead, the focus has shifted to the performance of your team and how well you manage them. To be successful, you will need to shift your focus as well. You will need to put time into helping others complete their tasks and share the credit once the job is done.


As a first-time manager, it is important not to come into the workplace swinging. You’ll want to make changes and alter the way things are done. However, doing so right away can cause tension. Instead, take a little while to listen to your team and learn from them. Ask questions about what they like about their jobs, what they’d change, challenges, and ideas for improvement. This will allow you to take their feedback and consider it when creating new plans for the team. Don’t forget to continue your listening and learning after your first few months too. Be sure your team feels comfortable coming to you with problems, ideas, and feedback regularly.

Address Any Relationship Shifts

When you are promoted, it can often cause shifts in relationship dynamics in the workplace. People you used to work alongside are now reporting to you in some cases. It isn’t a good idea to ignore these changes. Instead, address them head-on and communicate. So, if you have become good friends with anyone in the workplace, address the changes that will occur in your working relationship. Be sure you let them know that you need to be seen as a fair and consistent manager.

Be On Your Best Behavior

You may have been able to meet up for drinks after work and complain about the boss before, but you are a manager now. This means you need to keep a tab on your own personal behavior and make sure you are setting an example for your team. You will need to keep your personal opinions to yourself, meet deadlines, and stick to your word.

Anyone looking to take the next step in their career and pursue a management position will need to know how to market themselves. Working with a staffing agency like PrideStaff St. Pete Clearwater can help you find a job as a first-time manager or put you in a position where you can work your way up. Contact us to see how we can assist you in your career.

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