Believe it or not, writing skills are essential for just about every job you will apply for. In the workplace, people typically use written communication, making your writing skills key to maintaining communication with your peers. Beyond that, you may need to put together presentations and other forms of mass communication. Here is why writing skills are important and how you might be able to improve upon them.

Why Writing Skills Are Essential

As mentioned above, written communication is common in the workplace, especially with more and more people working remotely. Overall, there is less face-to-face interaction, and people must interact with one another through email and message boards. This requires a certain level of writing skills. In some cases, your email or other forms of written communication may be the first impression you make with someone.

Similarly, good writing skills will make it easier for you to communicate without getting on the phone or schedule a formal meeting. If you can effectively communicate in writing, people will know the key points you are trying to get across. It will also help you provide and receive updates on ongoing projects.

Outside of email and message boards, you will also use writing skills when creating presentations or displaying the research you have performed. You may also need to utilize your writing skills if you’re headed out for vacation and need your team members to cover specific tasks while you’re away. That being said, you may be wondering how you can improve your skills. Here are some tips.

Brush Up on Your Grammar

 If the written communication you send out is not grammatically correct, people will have a hard time taking you seriously. Use complete sentences when you are communicating professionally. Avoid sentence fragments and run-ons. You should also know the difference between there, their, and they’re. Consider downloading a grammar helper, like Grammarly, to assist you.

 Read More

 There is no better way to improve your writing than reading. More specifically, read the type of content you are hoping to improve upon. For instance, if you want to create better marketing copy, consider reading more marketing content. This will greatly help your writing skills.

 Use an Outline

 If you are writing something longer or especially important, it is good to use an outline. Divide your content up into sections and describe the goal of each section underneath. Make sure the order of the contents makes sense and reorganize it as needed. This will make your writing more clear and easy to understand.

 Be Aware of Who You Are Speaking To

 Think about who you are writing for and what language will be appropriate. Typically, in the workplace, written communication will be more formal. However, if you are updating the Slack board and messaging a teammate, it may be a bit more relaxed. Consider this any time you are writing for work. It will keep you from providing too many details or coming off as rigid.


 No matter what you are writing, you need to proofread your work before it is sent off. Proofreading will help you avoid awkward, incomplete emails being sent and miscommunication. If possible, read it out loud. It can help you identify awkward sentences or things that don’t make sense.

 Get Feedback

 Another great thing you can do to improve your writing skills is asking for feedback. Sometimes it is hard for people to see things they may do in their writing. For example, you may be a bit wordy in your sentences or lack the context of a lot of the communication you send out. When you receive feedback on your writing, make a note of anything that is brought up more than once and take action to correct it.

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