Human resources departments are often the backbone of a company. They source new hires, help manage staff, and keep the show on the road. Another thing HR does that impacts business in a huge way is finding ways to keep the staff motivated. Here are a few ways HR can help improve employee productivity.

Conduct a Survey

One of the key responsibilities of the HR department is to communicate with the staff. They can help improve employee productivity by conducting a survey to get a pulse on morale, issues in the workplace, and more. The survey can gauge how happy employees are at work, whether or not they know about promotion opportunities, and if they feel they have adequate work-life balance. All of these things can help craft a plan to increase productivity.

Offer More Flexibility

Even though many people are returning to the workplace, many employees want the option to work remotely long-term. Flex-work programs that allow your staff to choose to work from home can help increase productivity in some instances. It can reduce stress and eliminate distractions for many employees. If remote work has helped increase productivity in your organization, it may be time to draw up long-term flex-work options and include updated policies and procedures to go with it.

Create a Culture That Supports Innovation

Of course, it is important to set guidelines and procedures for your employees. However, you don’t want to stifle creativity and innovation. Businesses focused on doing things “the company way” often kill innovation and hinder productivity. When your team feels they are welcome to provide new, exciting approaches to projects, they will be more productive. Allow them to make suggestions and approach projects in their own way while maintaining deadlines and goals. HR can help establish policies that allow for more innovation in the workplace.

Check the Work Environment

Human resources can also help check the physical work environment and be sure it is designed with productivity in mind. For instance, if employees complain about poor lighting in the workplace, it may be worth the time and money to install better lighting options or implement natural light when possible. Noise level and temperature are other common complaints that can hinder productivity. Your HR department can listen for complaints and pinpoint ways to fix these issues.

Keep Tech Up To Date

Another thing every workplace should do to help improve employee productivity is ensuring all of the company’s technology is updated. Your employees won’t be as productive as they could be if they are working with outdated software or machines. Similarly, they won’t be effective if they are working under outdated policies and procedures. That’s where HR comes in, yet again.

Offer Development Opportunities

Last but certainly not least, your employees will stay motivated and be productive if there is room for development in the workplace. Your HR department can help organize career development resources like additional training, industry courses, mentorship programs, and advancement opportunities within the organization. This will help motivate your team to be more productive because they will know they have a future career in the industry and with your company.

There are many things HR needs to keep track of to help improve and maintain employee productivity. That is why, when it comes to hiring new staff members, working with a staffing agency is a great idea. It takes the pressure off your internal HR staff and allows them to focus on more important tasks. Contact PrideStaff St. Pete Clearwater to see how our team of professionals can assist you.

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