Today, many employees are looking for companies that are willing to invest in their careers. Employers are creating educational programs and offering promotion opportunities to create more opportunities for their staff. You may be wondering what other ways you can help your team. One huge thing employers can do is provide their team with regular feedback. Here is how to give employees feedback to help them grow in their professional careers.

Develop Employee Goals

When you work with staff regularly, you will discover what their typical behavior and performance are like. Over time, you can use what you know about them to develop growth plans for each of them. This may be sales goals, processing goals, or whatever your employees are working towards. You should also ask them about their personal career goals. Consider how you can help them reach those goals.

Hold One-on-One Meetings

One-on-one meetings are important. Setting aside time to meet with your employees will create better working relationships with each of them, which will, in turn, improve morale and productivity in the workplace. During these meetings, you can provide them with feedback and receive valuable information as well. Set a schedule for your one-on-one meetings. Typically, once a month is a good place to start..

Avoid the Compliment Sandwich

It is still commonly believed that when you give “bad feedback,” you should sandwich it in between two good things. There are no positive effects of doing this. You should be straightforward about the feedback you give. When you communicate effectively, they can take your feedback and make changes, if necessary.

Provide Developmental Feedback

That being said, you aren’t giving bad feedback. There is no such thing as “bad feedback.” Instead, think of it as developmental feedback. You are identifying an issue and bringing up possible solutions, ideas, and goals as a result. For example, if an employee is late regularly, you should bring it up and ask if you can do anything to help. You may find out that your staff member has been waking up late. When you learn this, you can offer them some feedback and ideas on how they might avoid hitting traffic on the way into the office.

Give Positive Feedback, Too

Not all feedback needs to address a problem, though. You should give positive feedback too. Find ways to show your appreciation for your staff when they do a good job or meet a specific goal. You should also take time to recognize employees when they have improved or met a career goal. This kind of feedback can be the most important because it lets your staff know you value them.

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