There are several things you can do as an employer to set your staff up for success. You should create a positive work environment and company culture, show your employees respect and be inclusive. The list goes on. When it comes down to it, here are the things employees need to be successful at their job.


First and foremost, your employees need to feel they are respected. When they feel their employer respects them, they will respond by going above and beyond for your organization. You set them up for success by simply showing them respect. People who feel they are respected will treat others with respect. It’s as simple as that.


Employee success heavily relies on effective communication. In general, your employees want to be part of the “in-crowd.” They want to know what is going on within the company, changes coming up, and be up to date on the latest news with the organization. That being said, access to information should be easily obtained. Communicate with them and share as much as you can about challenges, finances, and other key business details. This will make them feel like they are in the loop and give them the information necessary to make good decisions.


Your staff wants to impact decision-making in your company, especially when it directly affects their career. Involving them in decision-making will empower them and motivate them in the workplace. However, managers still need to guide the decision-making process. Talk with your employees about the company’s goal and vision. Then, talk about how the company’s mission will impact their job. This will give them a clear direction on what they will be held accountable for and set them up for success.


Growth and development opportunities are key to driving your employees’ success as well. Create a development program or offer your employees other growth opportunities to help them continue learning. This will benefit your organization in more ways than one. Of course, it will help your employees be successful because they will continue learning about their careers and the industry. Your organization will benefit from your employees’ increased knowledge and skills with lifted morale and productivity.


Employees need good leadership to be successful at their jobs. They want a solid leader to look to. It helps them get a sense of whether or not they are on track with their work. Additionally, the quality of leadership will give your employees a feel for how the business is doing all together. Your staff will look to leadership for assurance regarding job security and other questions about the company. So, leaders in the company need to be confident and know what they are doing. Employees will follow their example.

Part of ensuring employee success is hiring the right candidates. You want each of your staff members to be a good fit for your company overall. Contact PrideStaff St. Pete Clearwater to find out how our team of professional recruiters can help you.

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