How Do You Find A Job With the Best Employers in the Tampa Bay Area?

When starting a new job, you want to make your best first impression and get off on the right foot with everyone in the office. You shouldn’t make assumptions, try to be friendly, and stay motivated. However, make sure you don’t do these things when starting a new job.

Share Too Much Personal Information

You want to make connections in the workplace, but don’t get too personal with what you share, especially when you are new. Oversharing can create an awkward environment and undermine you as a professional. Coworkers may gossip about you or use the information to hurt you professionally. Eventually, you may share personal information with select people in the company, but you will need time to see who you can trust with those details.

Make Assumptions

It is never good to assume anything, but it is important to get all the details when you are new on the job. For instance, if your first day is approaching and you haven’t received information on when you are supposed to arrive, reach out and get the information. You don’t want to assume the office opens at 9 a.m. and arrive to find out everyone clocks in at 8:30.

Ignore Offers for Help

If a coworker offers you help with a task or project, take it. Chances are, they know a bit about the company and what the boss is looking for. On top of that, it can also help lay the foundation for a good work relationship.

Turn Down Lunch Invitations

When you are the new kid on the block, you should do your best to socialize with your coworkers. Don’t turn down any lunch invitations or after-work drinks during your first few months there. If someone invites you out, they are likely just trying to get to know you better and make you feel welcome. Everyone knows what it is like to start a new gig.

Get Caught Up in Gossip

Office gossip is toxic. Unfortunately, it happens in every workplace. Do your best to stay out of it, especially as a new employee. You shouldn’t ignore it, but don’t share it. You might learn that your new boss is going through something at home, which explains his poor mood. Listen, but don’t contribute anything to the conversation. Also, remember that everything you learn at the water cooler isn’t necessarily true.

Complain About Previous Coworkers

Bad-talking your former employer or previous coworkers is never a good look. It will make your new coworkers less likely to trust you. They will also probably wonder whether or not you speak poorly about them when they aren’t around. That doesn’t create a positive work environment for anyone. If you have to share your thoughts about previous employers and coworkers with someone, share them with family or friends.

Be Unwilling to Learn

An unwillingness to learn is a huge no-no when starting a new job. Although you have valuable skills to bring to the table, you should also be willing to continue to expand upon them. Treat your new position as an opportunity to grow. Not to mention, continuing to learn will help you stay engaged on the job and in your career.

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