The sansdemic refers to what many employers are facing right now. There are not enough employees available in the workforce to meet demand. The number of people looking for new jobs is steadily decreasing while industries are facing labor shortages like never before. It is affecting businesses throughout the United States.

So, how should employers prepare to address the approaching sansdemic?

Focus on Employee Needs

The COVID-19 pandemic and following sansdemic have given employers a chance to consider what their employees need. In fact, it has become a point of focus for most human resources departments. At the end of the day, employers have to sell themselves to candidates, not the other way around. Companies have to work to make employees see the value behind working with them.

Embrace Flexibility in the Workplace

Many people had to shift to a remote workspace during the pandemic. After that, most workers didn’t want to return to the traditional workplace. Take time to consider what jobs and positions can be fully remote. If some positions won’t allow for full-time remote work, think about other ways you can embrace flexibility. You might offer different schedules or hybrid work models to provide the flexibility employees desire. Doing this will help you retain your current staff as well as attract new employees.

Reassess Your Benefits and Compensation

A huge reason many employees are leaving their jobs is they feel they are underpaid. Employers have been reassessing their benefits and compensation plans. Paid time off, competitive salaries, health insurance, and sick days are all must-haves. However, many candidates are looking for benefits beyond these basics. Some employers have moved to offer their staff members non-traditional benefits like mental health days, financial counseling, and paid education.

Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are key to leading a successful business. In general, the workforce has become more focused on diversity When your leadership team is seen as progressive and proactive, your employees are more likely to want to continue working with the company. More than that, more candidates will be interested in pursuing employment with you.


To truly celebrate diversity and become a company with an inclusive culture, you have to address your hiring process. Much of the time, hiring biases prevent companies from adopting a more diverse staff. Hiring managers tend to hire people that remind them of themselves. Implementing practices that prevent this can lead to a more diverse staff, increased innovation, and improved financial performance. All of this will help you attract and retain top talent in your industry during the approaching sansdemic.


Work With a Staffing Agency Like PrideStaff

One of the best ways to prepare is partnering with a staffing firm. Professional recruiters at PrideStaff can help you find talent in your industry to meet your company’s specific needs. We will get to know your business, its goals, and help you make hiring decisions that assist you in getting there. Our team can also help you prepare for industry trends and shifts in the job market. Contact us to learn more about how PrideStaff St. Pete Clearwater can assist your business.


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