As COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are being lifted, many businesses are choosing to implement a hybrid work model as people prepare to re-enter the workforce. Long-term, there aren’t many guidelines on how to manage this type of work situation.

Here are some tips to help your business successfully manage a hybrid team.

Create Clear Expectations

Setting clear expectations will ensure that no one is caught off guard when requests are made. For example, if you expect your staff to work during set hours, you need to establish that with them. Communicate what hours you expect them to be available. You should also have a system for tracking day-to-day tasks and activities. Let your team know that progress reports should be updated on a regular basis. Being clear about what you need from them will ensure your employees are meeting goals and engaged.

Offer Support for Your Hybrid Team

One of the biggest things employers fail to do when they transition to a remote or hybrid work model is to offer sufficient support. At the end of the day, supporting your employees is the primary job of managers and company leadership teams. People want to feel like their employer cares about them. So, it is important to demonstrate that you are committed to helping everyone adjust to the new work situations. Provide whatever resources and assistance you can.

Keep Flexibility a Priority

As you restructure your work model, make flexibility a priority. Most employees want some kind of say in when and where they work now. The best way to support this is to make sure everyone knows what projects are top priorities. That way, when someone is taking a day off, other employees still know what should be worked on. To do this, it is a good idea to have a weekly “huddle” meeting where everyone can touch base. Then, you can allow your staff to create their hours for the remainder of the week.

Emphasize Inclusion When Communicating

In a remote or hybrid work situation, it can be easy for workers to feel left out. Make sure your employees feel included in decisions that impact their day-to-day work life. Employee surveys are a great way to make sure everyone on the staff’s voice is being heard.

You can also make an effort to check with your team members to make sure dates and times for meetings work for everyone. If someone isn’t able to make a team call, make sure they receive detailed notes and are still able to contribute feedback or input. This ensures that no matter when and where they are working, each employee still feels they are a valued member of the team.

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