For many human resources professionals, working in HR is highly challenging but also incredibly rewarding. HR pros commonly have a lot on their plates, and they frequently encounter difficult and sensitive situations while performing their duties. However, they’re also in the unique position to help companies and employees thrive.

Ultimately, many HR professionals love their jobs, challenges and all. Here’s a look at why HR workers love their careers.

Creating Meaningful and Lasting Relationships

When it comes to why HR workers love their jobs, Aadil Bandukwala highlighted one of the main reasons in a recent interview with Sage. “Every day, we’re given a chance to create meaningful and lasting relationships….”

HR professionals frequently engage with employees, company leaders, and a range of other stakeholders. Often, they’re listening to struggles, offering guidance, and looking for solutions that keep the workplace productive while improving morale. Along the way, they forge strong, lasting relationships with a wide range of professionals, potentially to a degree you don’t get in other roles.

Making Lives Better

According to Gemma Dale, one reason HR is such an amazing field is that those working in it have the ability to help people in a real way. “[I love] the opportunity to make people’s working lives better,” Dale stated in an interview with Sage, “even in a small way.”

Susan LaMotte echoed that sentiment, stating, “If I can play one small part in helping someone find a workplace and employer where they can thrive, add value, and be valued, then I’ve added something to this world we live in.” Essentially, working in HR gives professionals a chance to make a difference, often to a far greater degree than many people expect.

While working in HR, professionals aim to strike a balance between the company’s and employee’s needs. Often, they get to spearhead new solutions that don’t just boost the bottom line but genuinely make the workforce happier. Even some of the smaller gestures can be surprisingly impactful, improving the lives of the people they work with on a daily basis.

The Human Element

As Ben Eubanks put it in a recent interview with Sage, “Businesses don’t serve people – employees serve people. Businesses don’t make products – people make products.” Ultimately, HR is focused on the people part of the equation.

HR positions are classically human-centric roles, as those working in the field get the unique opportunity to influence the workplace in ways that benefit employees, managers, and customers alike. That can make the work feel more meaningful, personal, and impactful, ensuring even smaller tasks are intrinsically more rewarding.

Plus, the impact HR has on a workforce is something they get to witness firsthand. As a result, HR professionals can see their impact on a daily basis, leading to heightened job satisfaction.

In the end, a career in HR is often highly rewarding, even when any challenges are factored into the equation. If you’d like to learn more or are interested in pursuing opportunities in human resources, the team at PrideStaff wants to hear from you. Contact us today.



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