Trying to maintain your focus throughout an entire workday without taking breaks is practically impossible. If you push too hard, your odds of burning out go up dramatically. As a result, it’s best to schedule times throughout the day when you can walk away and recharge.

However, figuring out what to do during your downtime isn’t always easy. You want to choose something that leaves you feeling rejuvenated, not bored. Fortunately, there are some great options available. Here are some activities that you can do during your break to help you avoid burnout.

Take a Walk

Taking a walk lets you stretch your legs and get a little exercise, often leaving you energized after the fact. Plus, it’s a chance to rest your eyes by taking them off of the screen, which can reduce eye fatigue.

Ideally, you should walk outdoors if the weather allows and you have a suitable green space nearby. If not, choose a quiet corridor or stairwell where you can do some laps.

If you want to take things up a notch, consider listening to music or a fun podcast while walking. Just make sure you can still hear your surroundings, making your walk safer.

Have a Healthy Snack and Rehydrate

A healthy snack can help boost your energy levels and prevents any of the side effects that come from waiting too long between meals. Options like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are excellent choices, so consider bringing something with you from home if healthy options aren’t available at your workplace.

Also, take a moment to rehydrate. Have some water or decaffeinated tea. If you aren’t overly caffeine sensitive, you could also go with coffee or stick to decaf to play it safe. Just make sure you avoid sugary drinks, as those can lead to a crash later.

Chat with a Friend

One of the simplest ways to destress and give yourself a break is to spend your break talking to a friend. If you have a colleague you’re close to at work, consider taking your breaks together. That way, you can turn your time away from your desks into a short social outing.

Another option is to head to a quiet spot for a telephone or video call. Spend the time catching up, focusing on topics that both of you find enjoyable. That ensures that the calls leave you feeling recharged.

Enjoy a Hobby

Many hobbies are surprisingly portable, giving you a chance to participate in an activity you enjoy while you’re on break. For example, knitting, Sudoku, coloring, crossword puzzles, or meditating are all potential options. They’re generally quiet and don’t require much room. Just make sure you step away from your workstation while you do them, giving you a change of scenery, too.

Ultimately, all of the options are a great way to make your breaks at work more relaxing and rejuvenating. When in doubt, try them all, as a bit of variety can also be beneficial.

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