A very common question I get when sitting with both candidates and clients is what makes PrideStaff different? When I hear that question, I know they are really asking me, why should I trust you?  Why are your results going to be different than what we have been doing? It doesn’t matter if it is a business or an employee, the trust hurdle remains the same. This is not a question we take lightly. My team recognizes that when a company partners with us, or a candidate walks through our front door, they are hoping they have made the right choice. To the best of our ability, we want to live up to those expectations. I want PrideStaff to be different.

Partnerships Matter

The Tampa Bay clients we have the best relationship with are the ones who view us as a partner and not as a vendor. Too often we see hiring managers who believe we only care about getting placements for the sake of getting placements. In some firms, that may be true, but not mine. We aren’t interested in churning people. We want to help your business grow and we want our candidates to be happy.

Our focus is on making the right choices for our clients. If we do that, the business will grow and additional opportunities will develop for us. What we strive for is to have open lines of communication with both our candidates and clients so we can find the right fit for both parties. Ultimately, we want candidates placed in roles they can growth with over time, and employers are able to find staff that keeps their employee base stable, productive, and ultimately profitable to the business.

To put a finer point on it, PrideStaff is different because because our focus is not on the volume of placements but the quality of the placement. In today’s employment market, where our unemployment rate in the Tampa Bay area is around 2.2%, hiring is a challenge and will remain that way. The more information we can get, the better lines of communication we can open, the strong the bonds of trust that can be built, the more successful we can be to find the people you need to strengthen your business. Even with a potential recession, finding new employees will be challenging. To find top tier talent for your business will require significant effort, more time then you expect and flexibility. We can help.

Temp to Hire or Direct Hire Placements

When people ask me how to differentiate PrideStaff from other firms, I like to use the comparison to cars. In one corner you have a Kia and in the other corner a Mercedes. They both can get you from point A to point B safely. Both have a steering wheel, brakes, and an engine.  In essence  both cars do the same thing. The difference between the two involves pricing, features, quality, assembly etc. of the vehicle. Yet, if something goes wrong with the car people will generally blame the brand or the car, not the industry.

In our world, people will tell us consistently that they “tried staffing once, and it didn’t work.” They blame an industry instead of looking at the firm they chose. Too often we see business making decisions on price and never considering their cost if they hire the wrong firm. Our hurdle is getting business leaders to realize that not all employment firms are built the same way.

Our Specialty

In my business, we focus heavily on professional midlevel roles that are either temp to hire or direct hire opportunities for administrative and/or customer service based opportunities. We also handle a healthy amount of manufacturing positions where appropriate, but our sweet spot are office based roles. My two offices in Tampa Bay only focus on candidates and businesses in the Tampa Bay region.

Our specialty is trying to fill professional roles where the candidates are career minded and not looking to jump from role to role. I like to say we are like the VW of the employment world. We are a local and nationally awarded employment firm that provides great safety and value to our business clients at a reasonable cost. Generally speaking the candidates we work with are looking for $17-$30 an hour in a temp to hire or direct hire capacity. This doesn’t mean we don’t work on other roles, just that our candidate base is generally in this area.

Businesses We Work Best With

We know we are working with the right clients when we have great conversations back and forth on candidates, open roles, successes, and failures. It is easy to tell when  management respects our work or when we are just a delivery service. Our ideal client wants to partner with us. They want to grow their business by hiring the right people at the best wage they can. It is critical in today’s hiring environment that there is also a path for growth for these candidates.

For almost 10 years we have been operating our employment business and God willing we will continue to operate for years more. My focus today is to continue to make PrideStaff different in this market and search for businesses that want to grow through partnerships and value-based relationships. If this is your business, reach out to me. We would love to help your business be even more successful. I have two offices in the Tampa Bay area. One is in Clearwater and one is near the Tampa airport. Let us know if we can help. I publish a monthly employment snapshot on LinkedIn. Give me a follow here: Tampa Bay Employment Snapshot

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