Great Resumes Do Make A Difference!


More often than not, when people find out that I am in staffing and recruiting, one of the first questions they ask is about resumes.  What do recruiters do with a resume when they see it? Is there a specific format that is better than another? How can a candidate stand out among their competition? … Read more »

This Job Market Can’t Last Forever!



If you follow economic news, you would have read countless headlines on how tight the job market is today. Most recently, the headlines have been trumpeting that there are now more open positions in the United States than there are unemployed people. (Washington Post) But for today, I believe it is time to turn our… Read more »

The Talent Market Is Even Tighter!


In 2010 American workers were hurting. There isn’t a way to sugarcoat the jobs situation in that time period.  According to the BLS, (https://US Dept. of Labor) the national unemployment rate was 9.5% and people were taking any professional role they could to keep their head above water.  The despair and fear many people felt… Read more »