What Do We Do With Our Children?


By the start of May each year, my children are well into their scheming on how late they will be sleeping in this summer and how much fun they will have at camps. But not this year. Due to COVID-19, many parents in the Tampa Bay region and across the United States are asking themselves,… Read more »

Job Search – New Reality


I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter. – Walt Disney Just two short months ago, our economy was humming along quite nicely, people didn’t have to perform a job search. For many people, the job found them. At… Read more »

Inside A Recruiting Firm



Recently we had a candidate who accepted a position while in our office. As they opened the door to leave, they stopped, turned, and said, thank you for saving my life. Now, I’m not going to lie, I know we are not miracle workers, and this is not a post about how great we are…. Read more »

Looking To Change Roles? Struggling?


Let’s be frank, the job market is HOT and yet some are still be struggling to find their next role. It’s difficult because if you listen to the news reports there are jobs everywhere for virtually every industry at every level. Unemployment levels are at record lows and wages are starting to finally move in the… Read more »

Finding Top Talent in Tampa Bay in 2019!!!


Recently there have been a number of media stories promoting the Tampa Bay area as a great place to find a new job in 2019!  This all sounds fabulous until you look at our current unemployment rate of 3.0%. If you are a hiring manager or business owner the fundamental question you are likely asking… Read more »

This Job Market Can’t Last Forever!



If you follow economic news, you would have read countless headlines on how tight the job market is today. Most recently, the headlines have been trumpeting that there are now more open positions in the United States than there are unemployed people. (Washington Post) But for today, I believe it is time to turn our… Read more »

The Talent Market Is Even Tighter!


In 2010 American workers were hurting. There isn’t a way to sugarcoat the jobs situation in that time period.  According to the BLS, (https://US Dept. of Labor) the national unemployment rate was 9.5% and people were taking any professional role they could to keep their head above water.  The despair and fear many people felt… Read more »

Hiring Is Tight And Employees Are Looking To Move!



“More job creation, higher voluntary employee turnover and intensified competition for talent will be the main themes surrounding employment in 2018.” That quote was given by Matt Ferguson, the CEO of CareerBuilder (CareerBuilder Annual Forecast) earlier this year. Now that we are almost to the halfway point of 2018, I have to say he was… Read more »

Turnover, Turnover, Turnover – What to do?


From prospects and clients alike, we are hearing more and more management teams who are looking at ways to slow down the turnover within their businesses in the Tampa Bay area.  They have come to the realization that turnover slows down their business growth, likely reduces their annual profits and leads to additional internal stress… Read more »